This Week in Burger Days: Beef is Back, Some Slop, the Shack, Burgers You Should Be Eating & More

We got your D.C.-burger fix this week with a new BOTM, an impending invasion from the south, a local joint's sloppy new creation, new bling for Ballston, countdown to the Shack and some under appreciated D.C.- area burgers. Peep the realness in This Week in Burger Days...

  More Burgers to Love

Five Guys. Ray's. BGR. Good Stuff. Everyone knows the D.C. burger big shots-- the spots that routinely show up on the "Best Of" lists and polls. But what the other, quality burgers that don't get the acclaim and recognition those guys do? Here's five that need to be in your belly. [ 5 D.C.-Area Burgers That Deserve More Love ]



Return of the Beef

Well thank goodness April is gone. 'Cause with it goes the bird burger of the month at BGR, the Turkey Cobb. Now we can get back to some serious burger eating. Enter The Burger Joint's May BOTM, a creation with beef at the center of it all: "In Guac We Rock." [ BGR Goes Back to the Beef in May ]    

Texas Burgers Planning D.M.V Invasion

A new burger joint has announced its intention to open locations in D.C. And, no, this is not a repeat. Texas-based Mooyah Burgers is planning on opening spots throughout D.C., Maryland and Virginia over the next 10 years. While new

burgers are becoming routine for the area, what's notable here is just how many joints they plan on opening. [ Texas-Based Joint, Mooyah Burgers, Coming to D.C., Maryland & Virginia ]


We Don't Need No Stinkin' Bib

Austin Grill debuted a new burger this week and it's one messy sonofabitch. A big beast of a burger, the Austin Slopper is such a mess it comes served in a bowl. And to top it all off, it's got its own eating challenge too. [ Austin Grill Gets Sloppy ]    

Bring Us Your Burgers, Shack

News of Shake Shack opening up in D.C. in a little over a week has our salivary glands working over time. We are counting down the days 'til we can get a chance to dive in to the much-hyped, and hopefully worthy, NYC transplant. [ Shake Shack to Open in Just Over a Week? ]    

Officially On the Scene

Wiinkys, the small, independent burger spot that has been doing there thing in Ballston for a few weeks now finally has a sign. The neon green and yellow sign (which is interestingly enough the same color of our first pair of Zubaz) is now in place above the joint on Wilson Boulevard. [ Wiinkys Gets Some Signage ]

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