BEEF BRIEF: The Sugar Cow: Up Close & Personal

holycowsugarcow1 Here it is, in all its sweet, sticky, diabetic-coma-inducing glory: The Sugar Cow. We got our hands on Holy Cow's special "Burger of the Moment" collaboration with new Old Town doughnut shop Sugar Shack today and, hot damn, is it a doozy. The sweet-and-savory gutbomb uses a custom-made "double-punch" Sugar Shack glazed doughnut – made without holes FROM holes (got that?) – and is designed to be sturdier than the average doughnut in order to hold up to all the greasy and melty burger insides. And in case you forgot, those insides consist of cheddar, bacon, a fried egg and maple syrup all on griddled beef. This thing'll satisfy your caloric requirements for a goddamn month. Overall, it was good, real good. The doughtnut was sublime – soft, chewy and delightfully pillowy – and rivaled the best Krispy Kremes (though, even with the special-made formula, the Sugar Shack bun was in near pieces by the end). This thing is the epitome of sweet and savory so if that's not your thing, best to skip this one. Our only complaint was the egg, which was fried hard to a chalky yolk. Not good. The only – ONLY – egg that should be allowed on a burger is one with a runny yolk. Period. Even without the extra goo, this thing was messy as can be and we were close to pushing double digits on the napkin count. So, plan accordingly. The Sugar Cow is only available through the weekend so stock up on the insulin, refill your Lipitor prescription and hit this thing up if you dare. Holy Cow | 2312 Mt Vernon Avenue | Alexandria |

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