The Best Non-Burger Things We Ate This Year

Years ago, somebody told us we couldn't just eat burgers all the time. We promptly kicked that person in the teeth but after considering it for a bit, we figured they were probably right. So, from time-to-time, we do eat other things and sometimes, those other things are very, very good. Here are our favorite non-burger eats from 2015:  

The Brisket Champ at DCity Smokehouse

dcitybrisket Two words: Brisket Champ. It's hard to pick our favorite at DCity Smokehouse because there's nothing there we don't relish stuffing into our faces on a regular basis. But if we had to settle for the ultimate meal, it'd be pitmaster Rob Sonderman's moist-as-can-be brisket sandwich filled with crispy onions and addicting sweet and briny housemade pickles along with some of his phenomenal pit smoked wings on the side. DCity Smokehouse | 8 Florida Avenue NW | DC |  

Pork Sausage, Habanero, Peanuts & Lychee Salad at Rose's Luxury

roseslychee Honestly, we weren't entirely familiar with lychee before our trip to Rose's Luxury and while we were slightly more versed in the stuff after our meal, please don't quiz us on it. The one thing we do know, however, is that when you mix it with habanero, peanuts and pork sausage, it's goddamn delicious. In a meal that was beginning-to-end fantastic, Rose's sausage-and-lychee salad – yes, salad – was the standout (the spaghetti and spicy strawberry sauce a close second) and we can't wait to return for a second encounter. Rose's Luxury | 717 8th Street SE | DC |  

Pastrami Poblano on Ciabatta at Carving Room

carvingroompoblano While the rest of D.C. sleeps on Carving Room, we'll be busy downing all its tasty boozers and food. One of the most underrated spots around town, not only do they make a mean and spicy Bloody Mary, but the toasted ciabatta filled with an oven-roasted poblano pepper stuffed with pastrami and topped with provolone, runny fried egg, chipotle mayo and cilantro makes us wish it were legal to marry a sandwich. Carving Room | 300 Massachusetts Avenue NW | DC |  

Fried Chicken Biscuit Sandwich at Boss Shepherd's

bossshepardchickenbiscuit We went for to Boss Shepherd's for the burger but ended up falling in love with the chicken. Our object of affection was served sandwich-style with bacon and pimento cheese on the now-defunct brunch menu and it was deliriously good. While it's no longer a thing, Boss Shepherd's does still hook up biscuits with its dinner-order of fried chicken so you may be able to throw together some crude, hacked version of it. Boss Shepherd’s | 513 13th Street NW | DC |  

Foie Gras Parfait at Le Diplomate

ledipfoie Hey, it's not meat and grease all the time– we can eat fancy, too.  At Le Diplomate this year, we donned our best berets and noshed on escargot and foie gras with our pinkies out like real, civilized gourmonds. And damn, Le Dip's foie gras parfait is something spectacular. We could get used to tablecloths and bringing a French-English dictionary to the table if it means eating more stuff like this. (Of course, after the foie we went elbows deep in the burger because, hey, that's just who we are.) Le Diplomate | 1601 14th Street NW | DC |

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