Ted’s Montana Grill Dresses Up 3 New Burgers


Though we were only in Vegas for a week, it chewed us up and spit us out and we're very slowly adjusting to life back on the East Coast. It's not easy. And while 95% of our Sin City adventures cannot be re-told on the pages of this blog without fear of FCC repercussion, we will be bringing you our Vegas burger-related experiences to you soon. In the meantime, we got a shout from the folks at Ted's Montana Grill who alerted us to a few new burgers that have popped up on their menu, so peep these new creations while you wait for more of our beefy goods.

The Canyon Creek.

It's a tough choice, but I think the Avalon burger (pictured at the top) with melted Gruyere, a bit of bleu cheese, bacon, caramelized onions, roasted garlic ailoi and baby arugula is my favorite-sounding of the new bunch. And while the Avalon would be my first choice, the Canyon Creek is definitely an intriguing one too-- check out this mix-up: melted cheddar, bacon, diced jalapenos, blackberry jam and a fried egg over-easy on a corn-dusted Kaiser roll. Yeah, I'd go a round or two with that sucker. The last is the Peppercorn burger with a patty seasoned and seared with peppercorns and topped with Gruyere, herb Dijon mustard and arugula on an onion bun. Sure, that could work. Anyway, like all Ted's burgers, each of the above are available in beef or bison which is ground in-house daily and served with fresh-cut fries. They run about $12 a pop for beef, $15 for the tatanka. Ted's has three joints in Virginia-- two in Arlington (Ballston and Crystal City) and one in Alexandria.

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