Save the Date! National Hamburger Week: May 8 – 14

Mark your calendars, National Hamburger Week is just over two months away.

Starting May 8 (yes, that's also Mother's Day and, yes, Moms like burgers too) and running through the week, this is the time to show the world your love for that delicious sandwich.

We here at Burger Days will be doing our part by having (at least) one burger a day for the entirety of the week.

Seven days, seven burgers. Yup, we can get jiggy with that.

And, as an added bonus, yours truly will be in Vegas for a portion of that week, so you'll be treated to some sweet, Las Vegas-datelined burger reviews.

If you're feeling froggy, jump on over to our Facebook page and RSVP and we'll be sure to check in during the burger week to see how you're faring.

(Note: Technically, the month of May is also Hamburger Month, so if you go for 31 in 31, we won't judge. In fact, you'll probably become our hero)

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