Running the Table on D.C.’s October BOTMs

(We eat more burgers than you. Period. So when Burger Days Crew member Adam (@addc) went for the triple play with D.C.’s October Burgers of the Month, it wasn’t all that surprising– it’s just what we do. Below, Adam hooks up the deets on all three burgs, and since he conquered them with the quickness, you’ve still got enough time to read his words and then get in on the action.) When I saw the Burger Days post on the October BOTMs, I knew some ground beef was in my future. I wasn’t planning on hitting up all three but after a brgr:shack coupon appeared in my inbox, my fate was set. All three burgers were delicious, however none was perfect. There’s only a week left in the lives of these burgers so you better move fast.  

BBP's Nacho Burger.

Bobby’s Burger Palace: Nacho Burger

This was my first experience at BPP and had high expectations going in, understandable for a restaurant from an Iron Chef. I saw the Nacho Burger and decided to get it since it embodied Bobby Flay’s culinary style: a Tex-Mex twist with some spice and chips on top. The two things that stood out were the great bun and burger, but the toppings were a little on the blah side; the pickled jalapeños weren’t anything great and the tomato-chipotle salsa seemed bland. Also, salsa plus queso on a burger makes for a lot of juice.
Value – $7 – Cheapest burger here but also maybe the smallest. Taste – Great burger and bun but wasn’t blown away by the toppings Originality – I dig the Tex-Mex vibe, but it needed better execution  

brgr shack: The Philly

The Philly from brgr:shack

I know what you’re thinking; this isn’t a real Philly cheesesteak burger. Who cares? It’s got most of the toppings you’d see on the real thing, but fancied up a bit. Do you really want cheese from a can on your burger? I went with American and never looked back. brgr:shack's burger was good all the way through. The sauteed green bell peppers and onions made a great combo with the red-wine-sauteed mushrooms, but the red pepper mayo wasn’t really that flavorful. Value – $8 – A fair price for what you get, solid burger with not-your-normal toppings

Taste – Good burger with interesting toppings made for unique taste

Originality – So maybe I expect more out of a BOTM, but a Philly isn't that exciting – the interesting twists on the toppings gets them a bonus point  

BGR's Buffalo Blue.

BGR The Burger Joint: Buffalo Blue

I really want to like BGR The Burger Joint but if I had to choose to have one of these three burgers to eat again but not at the place that served it, I would pick BGR. I had two main gripes with their Buffalo Blue burger. First of all, $10.99 for a burger with bacon, blue cheese and hot sauce seems pretty steep. If I wanted, I could go to a place like Dogwood or Mad Fox and get a similar burger with fries for that price. Second, poor execution – the two strips of bacon were old and cold and the burger was not assembled well. You can see in the picture the cheese was concentrated on one side.  I didn’t go during peak hours either; I figured a Monday evening would be quiet enough. I left disappointed, maybe next time will be better, BGR... Value – $10.99 9.99– The most expensive burger of the month and I don’t get why – A regular burger is $7 there, add bacon for $0 .99, cheese for $0.99, so the hot sauce adds $21?

Taste – The burger was good but the bacon was old and dry

Originality – Not a lot of creativity involved, two normal toppings plus Frank’s Red Hot Overall, if I had to choose a winner, I’d pick brgr:shack's Philly but the Nacho Burger from Bobby’s Burger Palace isn’t too far behind. Both are worth a try in the next week.

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