Prep Your Arteries: The Proper Luther Returns to Holy Cow

holycowsugarcow3 You guys...YOU GUYS– the Luther is back at Holy Cow! The Del Ray burger joint introduced this magnificent salty-sweet amalgamation back in January and now that our cholesterol levels have returned to Earth, it's back to send them into orbit once again. Originally dubbed the Sugar Cow – in celebration of doughnut shop Sugar Shack's Alexandria opening – the heart-aggravating mass of meaty merriment combines Angus beef with bacon, cheddar, a goddamn fried egg and maple syrup on a special double punch, no-hole glazed doughnut from Sugar Shack. We called it a proper Luther at the time and it looks like Holy Cow appreciates our burger-naming skills because, this go 'round, it's officially known as The Proper Luther. Respect. Now, we'd be dead in a month if this thing was a permanent addition at Holy Cow, so it's with mixed emotions that we report The Proper Luther is on the menu for this week only. Also upping this burger's scarcity, because the special-order doughnuts buns are delivered fresh daily, Holy Cow's Bill Blackburn tells us Luther availability might be limited on some days. Our advice? Eat early and eat often, friends. Holy Cow | 2312 Mt Vernon Avenue | Alexandria |

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