Out with the Larranaga, In With the Hewitt at Brion’s Grille

We've been eyeing Brion's Grille in Fairfax for a while now, not because their burgers sound particularly appetizing, but because of their burger challenge-- a couple members of the crew are eager to give it a go. Anyway, the George Mason University hangout made the news today because they've booted off ex-basketball coach Jim Larranaga's namesake burger from the menu and replaced it with an entry for incoming coach Paul Hewitt. Seems a little harsh for the guy that led the school to their first-ever NCAA tournament win, not-to-mention a trip to the Final Four. Come on, at least give him a slider– sell 'em in groups of four. The now-gone Coach L burger (which is now named for booster Gayle Green) brought the spicy honey-mustard barbecue, banana peppers and jack cheese while the brand-new Hewitt creation gives you Jalapeños, pico de gallo and nacho cheese. They also went ahead and added a peanut butter and bacon number to the menu named for Mason athletic's development director Jennifer Montgomery. Which one do we choose? We'd eat 'em all. Via @ADDC via Washington Post  

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