Now You Can Eat Us


The brgr of the month at brgr:shack: the {brgr:days}. Pat, can we buy a vowel?

Years from now, when we're sitting on the set of our very own burger show, giving an interview to the Food section of the New York Times, they'll ask us, "When did you guys realize you made it in the burger world?" We'll look at Erin Andrews ('cause she does all the interviews in our fantasies) and say, "Well, Erin, we'd have to say it was when we had our first burger named after us." Yes, that's right D.C., there's a new burger in town and its name is {brgr:days}. The fine, burger making folk at Arlington's {brgr:shack} spotted our review of their joint earlier this month and recognized the delicious genius of our design your own creation and have made it their burger brgr of the month for April! Ordering our very first (and hopefully not last) namesake burger will hook you up with Applewood smoked bacon, pepper jack, tomato, pickles, Sweet Pete BBQ and....wait for it....a fried egg, all piled atop one of their 7 oz. patties. Hungry, huh? Well, get your asses in gear, 'cause this sucker is only available through the end of the month (But you can always lobby them to add it to the menu on a permanent basis. No pressure.) If Stoney's One Eye is the BILB, consider the {brgr:days} its younger sister. Of age, of course.

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