Holy Cow’s Noah’s Ark Doubles the Beef, Cow & Chicken

These animals bought a one-way ticket to our bellies.

These animals bought a one-way ticket to our bellies.

The latest meat monstrosity to make its way into our bodies came courtesy Holy Cow in the form of the Noah's Ark burger. Just like the biblical tale, this thing packed pairs of animals between the buns, only their destination wasn't sanctuary on a ship but rather the deepest depths of our insatiable insides. Making the cut on this Ark's passenger list was a trio of beasts: pigs, chickens and the cows. Representing the feathered pair, an egg and BBQ chicken breast were on board and for the pig, bacon and a heap of pulled pork. Naturally, a beef patty was one-half of the cow tandem with a helping of brisket completing the duo. And because 40 days and 40 nights is a hell of a long time, packing a little extra is always a good idea. Mixing it up with the livestock was a dousing of BBQ sauce, nacho cheese, jalapeño and sriracha aioli. Hey, National Weather Service, better update that Flash Flood Watch to include the Burger Days bathroom. Holy Cow | 2312 Mt. Vernon Avenue | Alexandria | holycowdelray.com

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