National Hamburger Week Day 7: Good Stuff Eatery, Capitol Hill & Crystal City


Our Burger Week finale.

Not about to waste another meal on a subpar burger, we got down and dirty with the greasy, drippy mess of Good Stuff Eatery to wrap up National Hamburger Week 2013.

We've spouted off on our love for Chef Spike's Prez Obama burger before, so we'll refrain from doing it all over again. But while Saturday's experience was positive --the horseradish-onion jam flavor combo on the burger is so stinking good-- the beef itself was cause for disappointment. Our Obama burger patty was too tough, like it had spent too much time on the grill, and was a sharp and somewhat startling contrast to the soft, chewy Martin's potato roll encompassing it.

Fortunately, all was not lost on the day because we requested our other order, Spike's Sunnyside, medium rare and the results were far better. Along with the properly cooked beef, the sopping, gooey collection of melted cheese, runny egg, bacon and Good Stuff  sauce was magic on a bun.


We likes the sweet stuff, too.

Accompanied by an order of fries and a plethora of dipping sauces, and a Toasted Marshmallow shake to round out the meal, the under-performing Obama burger wasn't near enough to put a damper on the outing. Chalk this one up as a win.

Another successful National Hamburger Week is in the books and with its conclusion, we now return to our regular burger-eating schedule.*

*Which, as it turns out, isn't too far off from this past week's burger-a-day pace.

Good Stuff Eatery | 303 Pennsylvania Ave, DC | 2110 Crystal Drive, Arlington |

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