National Hamburger Week Day 7: Bobby’s Burger Palace, D.C.


We finished off this year's National Hamburger Week with an afternoon run to Mr. Flay's spot on K St. to satisfy a hankering for his May BOTM we've been dealing with all month. There are a select few toppings that spark tingly feelings in our special place and pimento cheese is one of them. And if there's some bacon on top of it? Well, then you'll have the makings of an SNL Digital Short.

So we got our fill and downed a round of burgers from Bobby's Burger Palace but unfortunately, there was no need for a cleanup on aisle three. That's not to say the bacon, cayenne and pimento topped burgers weren't good-- they were fine. They just weren't the so-good-we're-glad-we-brought-an-extra-pair-of-drawers good we were hoping for. We even did it up the Bobby Flay way and threw some potato chips on crunchified them, but still, no happy ending.

There was an element of our burgers that does deserve major praise, however.

Just look at that picture for a second. Look at those beautiful strips of pig candy projecting towards the screen, beckoning you in for a pork-y embrace. Take note D.C. burger slingers-- this is how you do bacon. Crisp but not crunchy. Greasy but not soggy. And oh so salty and tasty. It's just...beautiful.

One other thing that almost sent us into Lonely Island territory was the Black and White milkshake we used to wash down the beef. Tasting like a vanilla shake mixed with a healthy dose of chocolate syrup, it was a sweet cup of delight that has now solidified itself on all our future BBP orders.

Bobby's Burger Palace | 2121 K Street, NW | DC | | @bobbysburgerpal

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