National Hamburger Week Day 6: In-N-Out Burger, Las Vegas


Oh yes. Get in our bellies.

After a Thursday that was blurry from beginning to end with moments of somewhat-sharper haze sprinkled throughout, we stumbled out of bed just before noon on Friday to set off to our destination for Day 6 of National Burger Week: In-N-Out. Our only previous run-in with the West Coast burger joint was on our previous visit to Vegas last September and we were eager to dive into Round 2. We hit up the spot on Dean Martin Blvd which happens to have one of the only two In-N-Out company stores so we also hooked it up with some fresh burger threads. Don't be jealous of our swag. On the grub front, since we were still fighting off the effects from our Thursday bender, we came at it full force with the grease and carbs and went Double-Double, Animal Style with the fries and topped it off with a vanilla shake. The food was greasy, delicious and a much-welcome addition to our alcohol-riddled bodies and provided the fuel needed to power us through those first early hours of our day. And talk about cheap, for the price we paid for our TAO Beach burger on Thursday, we could of six Double-Doubles and two orders of fries.  But we gotta admit, the view was better poolside. (Special thanks to @innoutburger for hookin' us up with the company store tip and a $5 gift card. Kick-ass.) In-N-Out Burger | 4888 Dean Martin Dr, Las Vegas |

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