National Hamburger Week Day 6: Dogwood Tavern, Falls Church



The streak is over.

After a string of good-to-excellent burgers to start off National Hamburger Week, we hit our first stinker on Day 6.

We stopped by Dogwood Tavern for happy hour boozers and burgs yesterday and decided to go for the BOTM, the Black-n-Bleu. The description sounds like a can't-miss combo of a blackened beef patty with bleu cheese crumbles, creamy horseradish sauce and onion crisps, but sadly, this burger was more talk, than walk.

When you advertise a blackened patty, (and shit, the name of this burger is Black-n-Bleu), then you better damn well serve a blackened patty. It's pretty clear from the photo, and even more so in person, that this was a run-of-the-mill, patty o' beef. There was no spice or flavor to the meat, save the typical salt and peppering, plus, it was mushy. Strike one, Dogwood.

The rest of the ingredients were all present as advertised, though while the onions and bleu cheese were adequate, the horseradish was barely detectable in the overall mix.

Was  it terrible? No. And the tater tots on the side helped temper our disappointment in the meal as a whole. But we have a low tolerance for burger mediocrity, especially when we're eating them during the celebratory season that is National Hamburger Week.

Life's too short for bad burgers.

Dogwood Tavern | 132 West Broad Street | Falls Church |

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