National Hamburger Week Day 3: Burger 7, Falls Church


Damn it. Just when we thought we turned the corner on sub-par burgers this National Burger Week, we were hit with a surprising downer on day 3. Today we were crunched for time and since we're limiting our local burgers this week to joints we've already written up, we took a short drive down the road to Burger 7 in Falls Church. Our earlier write up of the spot detailed a solid, fast-food style burger and we came away fairly impressed. Not so this go round.

Where's the sauce?!? This burger was dry as a bone.

I ordered up the double-pattied B7 with Swiss and a fried egg. Since Burger 7 advertises all burgers coming with their B7 sauce, I didn't add anything else to the mix. Mistake. Since this was a to-go order, I didn't notice the glaring omission until I got back to work, but lo and behold, there was nary a drop of the sauce anywhere on the burger. Plus the egg was cooked over well, so no runny yolk, and the patties were quite dry. The only thing the burger had going for it was the cheese which was delightfully melted. But all the melty cheese in the world can't make up for a bone-dry burger. So, our last burger before departing for Vegas leaves a bad taste in our mouths. Fortunately, we have no doubts the Sin City will return a smile to our greasy lips. Burger 7 | 7505 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church | 703-442-8777 |

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