National Hamburger Week 2014 Day 3: Denied Epic Burgers at Mad Fox

madfoxbaconjam We were all excited to get our Epic Burger* on at Mad Fox on Wednesday but our plans were abruptly thwarted when our server informed us that there was no Epic Burger available last night. Shit. Dreams of meat-on-meat topped with fried stuff, dripping in aioli were dashed and we had to settle instead for the Bacon Jam burger. Which, thankfully, was really quite tasty.  For perhaps the first time ever at Mad Fox, our order of a rare burger actually came to the table with a cool, red center and that was a nice surprise. And the bacon jam, which we've found to be a bit inconsistent at times –sometimes cloying, sometimes too smokey– was the perfect blend of salty and sweet. We know there's been a chef shuffle at the Falls Church brew pub, so perhaps the new guy is shaking things up. At the moment, we're getting conflicting reports on the future of Mad Fox's Epic Burger Wednesdays. While our server gave us the impression it had been discontinued, a tweet from @MadFoxBrewing insisted it was still in effect. We've reached out to Mad Fox for clarification and will give you the scoop once we hear back. *Oh, if you're looking for a truly epic burger this week, check out this magnificent monster from Dogfish Head Alehouse.

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