Move Over McRib, Make Way for the MacRib [McDowell’s Alert]


No, Cleo McDowell is not behind this.

Love pork amalgamation sandwiches but just can't bring yourself to put a McRib into your face?  Well you're in luck, because from now until Memorial Day you can get your pig-on-a-bun fix without the fast-food stigma.

You won't find it beneath the Golden Arches (or even the Golden Arcs), but for the next week at Sixth Engine in D.C., Chef Paul Madrid is dishing up the MacRib-- a mix of smoked pork shoulder and ground pork belly in patty form, grilled and glazed with a house-made barbecue sauce and served on a sesame seeded brioche bun with pickles and red onions.

Chef Madrid's creation was originally on the opening menu at Sixth Engine and while it's no longer an every-day item, it still has a passionate fan base among the staff and neighborhood. And if you happen to miss out on the MacRib before next Monday, don't give up hope on getting this thing in your belly-- we're told it's always worth asking to see if it's available as an off-the-menu treat.

The MacRib is available at Sixth Engine after 5 p.m. now through Monday, May 27 (and possibly a little bit beyond).

Sixth Engine | 438 Massachusetts Avenue NW | DC |

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