Meat-On-A-Stick Back at Shake Shack for Labor Day Weekend [Corn Dog Days]


Food with a handle. It don't get much better.

 For the last time this year, the DuPont and F Street burger slingers at Shake Shack are busting out their limited edition battered wieners for four days of glorious meat-on-a-stick goodness.

After appearances during the 4th of July and Memorial Day weekends, the Shack Corn Dog is rearing its battered head once again for Labor Day. Starting Friday and running through Monday, the Vienna all-beef dogs dipped in a Shack-made corn batter will be available at both D.C. brick-and-mortar Shake Shacks (Nats Park is out of the loop.) The skewered dogs will be served along with Rick Pete's sweet corn relish. A special Peach Pie Oh My concrete made with vanilla custard blended with peach pie from Dangerously Delicious is also on the holiday weekend menu. The dogs ($4.50) and concrete ($4.25 for a half, $6.50 for regular) will be available from Friday, August 30 through Monday, September 2. (SHACK BONUS: Mark your calendar for more Shake Shack limited-edition hotness: Shacktoberfest returns to the joints this October 4 -13.)  

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