Keeping it Greasy With National Hamburger Week

Today marks the beginning of National Hamburger Month but since we treat every month as a beef sandwich celebration, we always save our extreme burger revelry for the second week of May. Getting even more into the beef than we usually do, we annually go balls out the 2nd week of the month for National Hamburger WEEK. Last year, we did our beefy romp in Vegas for one impressively boozey and meaty week on the Strip. This year we're bringing it back to D.M.V. and getting our burger week on locally. At the minimum, we're going a burger a day, seven-for-seven, next week and at the most we'll be putting so much beef into our faces that we'll need a permanent Lipitor drip. But don't worry about us, we're professionals. And of course, we invite all our readers to get into the Burger Week mix, so if you’re down for 7 in 7, or just want to show your appreciation for the cause, please RSVP to our celebration of the beef. Like always, we will be documenting the week and, while many of you may be unable to maintain our pace, you can live vicariously through us by following along here as our write ups and photos alone will probably raise your cholesterol levels. Now, for those feeling exceptionally zealous, we wholeheartedly support the attempt at taking on 31 burgers in 31 days. If you do pull off this glorious beef feat, please let us know. Not only will we want all the greasy details but you'll become our new hero and an honorary member of the Burger Days Crew.  

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