Halloween Candy on a Burger? Halloween Candy on a Burger.


(Photo: Dogfish Head)

It takes a pretty out-of-this-fucking-world burger to get our jaws to drop but the Crew's collective mandibles hit the floor when we stumbled upon the Burger of the Week at Dogfish Head Alehouse in Fairfax. In all our years of taking a myriad of ground beef creations to the dome, no burger we've run across has done what the Halloween Burger purports to do. You want October 31st on a bun? These fucking guys are giving it to you. The ground-beef whack jobs at Dogfish (and we mean this in the most endearing way possible) have topped a half-pound burger with two strips of bacon and TWO REESE'S PEANUT BUTTER CUPS. Yep, that's Halloween candy on a burger. (And these ain't no shitty, fun-sized Reese's either. They're two melted-in-a-puddle, gobs of full-sized Reese's goodness.) Your move Willy Wonka. Dogfish Head Alehouse | 13041 Lee Jackson Memorial Highway | Fairfax | dogfishalehouse.com

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