Going All Gobble Gobble With November’s BOTMs

Two of D.C.'s November Burgers of the Month go turkey this time 'round, and while normally we shun the bird burgs, we give 'em a pass because it is in the spirit of the season. Besides they sound tasty as all hell.  

BGR the Burger Joint

The first burger comes from BGR, where they're offering up Turkey Day all month long with their Thanksgiving on a Bun. Turkey burgers never excite us (and we swear, if we see one more Jennie-O turkey burger commercial, our beef-stained fists are going through the TV), but when you throw cornbread stuffing, cranberries and gravy on that shit, we're all over it. Congrats, BGR, you've made us want a fowl burger. Shake of the Month: And what would Thanksgiving be without pumpkin pie? November's shake hooks up the taste of the pie with Vanilla ice cream, cloves, cinnamon, allspice and nutmeg. 8 Locations in D.C., Maryland and Virginia | bgrtheburgerjoint.com  


And the other Thanksgiving-themed BOTM is courtesy brgr:shack which also brings the turkey and cranberries, but instead of stuffing and gravy, they're throwing on caramelized onions, fresh arugula (it's a veg-e-ta-ble) and melted double Swiss. They're calling it the Goble:Goble. We say this calls for a Burger Days throwdown between the two November turkey burgers. Stay tuned... Shake of the Month: Taking a page outta the same book, brgr:shack is going pumpkin too, with the Pumpkin Monster, a vanilla bean ice cream and pumpkin mix and spice combo. 4125 N. Fairfax Drive | Arlington | brgrshack.com    

Bobby's Burger Palace

Of course it would be Bobby Flay who turns up his nose to the conventional choice for a November burg. Ain't no turkey on the menu for this Iron Chef, no sir. I mean, if he can throw it up in Ari's wife, he can do whatever he damn well pleases. So you'll get his November BOTM, the Brunch Burger, you'll stuff that bacon, egg and American cheese topped beef patty in your mouth, and you'll like it. (But Flay, please take a sec from Hollywooding around and make us a D.C. burger. Seriously.) 2121 K Street, NW | DC | bobbysburgerpalace.com

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