GO Burger Recognizes Our Burger Building Skills


GO Burger's Burger Days burg straight outta the test kitchens in NYC.

Eating burgers is what we do. And we do it very, very well. We also like to think we know how to construct a damn good burger. Apparently, the folks at GO Burger think so too. This week to recognize National Hamburger Day*, GO Burger held a contest asking for people's "dream burger." We gave a 'em a shout and it turns out they can recognize the burger-building skills because they picked our creation as the winner. Not only will the Burger Days burger --a melted sharp cheddar, bacon and onion jam topped burg-- be available for $4 at Go Burger Bar and Grill in both New York City and Los Angeles and BLT Burger NY on Monday but it will also be featured on the Today Show Sunday morning. So, you know, no big deal. Unfortunately for our bellies, we're unable to make the trek up to NYC and instead, we'll be stuck here with the masses in D.C. for Memorial Day. (Damn leaky roofs**) But if you happen to make it to a GO Burger on Monday, jump on it, make us the most envious kids in D.C., and then give our jealous asses a shout and tell us how it was. * yes, not only is May National Hamburger Month and the second week of May National Hamburger Week, but apparently this Monday is also National Hamburger Day. Whatever, we ain't complainin'. **A little D.C.-GO Burger history-- the burger joint was supposed to come to the District last year but after signing a lease, a leaky roof  dispute 'caused them to pull out and they've made no further plans to secure a D.C. spot. [blackbirdpie url="https://twitter.com/GOBurger/statuses/205719815149715456"]  

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