Getting Hoppy With Dogwood’s Kangaroo Burger


When I got word that kangaroo burgers were on the menu at Dogwood Tavern for Leap Day today, there was no way I was missing the chance to get it into my belly. When else will I have the chance to get marsupial on a bun? Patiently waiting for their shipment of meat to arrive, as soon as I got word, I hustled down to the Falls Church joint to jump on it. (yeah, that's about the tenth time I've used that pun today.) I was a bit wary placing my order because despite doing some intense Google research, I wasn't able to locate any solid intel on what toppings pair well on a kanga-, or is it 'roo-?, burger. I didn't want anything masking the flavor of the meat, so I played it safe and ditched the cheese and went for just caramelized onions.

Turns out I nailed it on the onions-- they were the perfect complement to the burger and I highly recommend them if you get into the kangaroo mix. As for the meat, it was really damn flavorful-- rich, slightly sweet with a distinct gamey taste (I did go medium-rare which made for a stronger flavor). But since kangaroo is such a lean meat, there wasn't a whole lot of juice in the thing. The middle was good and juicy but I did find it drier towards the outside of the patty.. When all's said and eaten, I could see myself ordering one of these again, but rest assured, the Aussie jumper will never replace the cow. If you feel like getting hoppy, act fast, the burgers are only available today or until the kangaroo runs out. (I'm still having trouble classifying this burger. Our stance on non-beef burgers is clear: we frown on the bird but give a pass to four-legged animal burgs. But where the hell does a kangaroo fall in all that? Those little T-Rex limbs-- are they arms? Legs? Or what?) Dogwood Tavern | 132 West Broad Street | Falls Church |  

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