Dogwood Breaks Out Kangaroo Burgers for Leap Day

UPDATE: Dogwood is now serving the kangaburgers in all their pouch-y glory. Jump on 'em. UPDATE 2: We done ate them:

Dogwood's kangaburger.

Falls Church's Dogwood Tavern is getting in on a little Leap Year fun, serving up the jumpiest of all marsupials in burger form today. With an expected shipment of kangaroo meat coming in at lunchtime 3 p.m. today, Dogwood will be slinging "kangaburgers" all Leap Day long until supplies run out. The burgers will be $10 with a side and come sans toppings, so feel free to dress 'em up how you like.  No word yet on price or what they'll dress the Aussie hopper up with, but as soon as we get the word, we'll let you know. So what exactly does kangaroo taste like? According to Andrew Jordan, co-owner of the Australian restaurant Eight Mile Creek in NYC, the lean meat is just like "sweet filet mignon." This isn't the first time the pouched mammal has gone the burger route in the D.C. area. Last July, the marsupial was the star of one of Thunder Burger's first Wild Wednesday specials, coming in the form of teriyaki kangaroo sliders. We've yet to jump (pun totally intended) on any kangaroo-eating action, because once we do, we fear we'll never be able to watch Dot and the Kangaroo the same way ever again.  

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