Dogfish Head’s Country Fried Burger is Here to Stop Your Heart

country-fried Anyone worried their cholesterol level is too low, fear not, Dogfish Head Alehouse has got a fix for you. The Country Fried Burger, a limited-time Burger of the Week, pairs a quarter-pound beef patty along with a country-fried chicken breast, which in turn is topped with mozzarella, onion rings and brown gravy. Oh, and there's some fresh spinach and tomato on it, too– you know, to make it healthy. The heart-stopping, grease-soaked goodness comes on a soft-baked pretzel bun and, because it needs more fried shit, a side of fries. This beefy behemoth is available for $12.50 and only at Dogfish's Gaithersburg location. Dogfish Head Alehouse | 800 West Diamond Avenue | Gaithersburg |

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