D.C. to Be Invaded by Even More Hot Beef in 2013 [Mo’ Burgers]

moburgers If you think the D.C. burger market is saturated now, you ain't seen nothing yet. This year alone, at least five new burger operations plan on bringing their patty-flipping skills to town and an additional six burger empires already in the area are multiplying their beef-slinging presence here. So cue the haters and their laments, decrying the arrival of even more burgers to a seemingly already saturated market. But rather than ponder how this area can support the existence of all this greasy goodness, we're blissfully content in our burger-supply-and-demand ignorance and choose instead to give you a run down of the plethora of beef coming to your face in 2013.

New to the D.C. Scene

The following burger joints have opened or have plans to open their first D.C.-area locations in 2013.

boltburgersBolt Burgers

Based: D.C.-area | Joint Type: Fast Casual | boltburgers.com Bolt Burgers is a brand new burger concept from a group of D.C.-area eye doctors and if that doesn't get you excited, we don't know what the hell will. Going for a fancy spin on fast casual, they've got a bunch of spiced-rubbed patties on the menu with some equally fancy toppings. Lease negotiations are currently underway for Bolt's flagship location on Massachusetts Avenue and if things go well there, we're told there are plans for 2-3 more in the area. ETA: Mid-to-late 2013 | Location: Massachusetts Avenue, D.C.  

burger21Burger 21

Based: Tampa | Joint Type: Fast Casual | Booze: Beer, Wine Tampa-based Burger 21 has plans for four franchise locations in the area with Alexandria, Tysons, Fair Lakes and Rockville in their sights. No leases have been signed yet, but they expect their first D.C.-area joint to open this year. They've got a lineup full of signature burgers-- 10 in all-- and they're all available for double stacking (say word). And with a new, limited-time burger every month, they'll be the newest members of D.C.'s BOTM club. ETA: Late 2013 | Location: Alexandria, Tysons, Fair Lakes, Rockville  


Based: Delray Beach, Florida | Joint Type: Fast Casual | burgerfi.com After being on our Watch List for a while now, the Florida-based BurgerFi stealthily slipped into the D.M.V. right under our greasy noses. Granted, Leesburg ain't exactly walking distance but it's a hell of lot closer than NYC (their next closest location). With a burger dubbed B.A.D. (Breakfast All Day) with cheese, maple-syrup-dripped bacon, a fried egg, hash browns, onions and ketchup and even their own "secret" menu, we're eager to scope this spot out. The Leesburg joint opened two weeks ago and while there are "definite plans" for a location closer to D.C., a rep tell us there's no timetable yet. ETA: Open NOW | Location: Leesburg  

Freddys_shape_CMYK_Red_JPEGFreddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

Based: Wichita | Joint Type: Fast Casual | freddysusa.com Freddy's first opened in Wichita, Kansas in 2002 and is now approaching 100 restaurants in 14 states. The concept is a 50s-style diner with hot dogs, custard and cooked-to-order burgers available in single all the way up to triple-stacked patties. Setting up shop right down the street from the new Smashburger, Freddy's Farifax location will be complete with a drive-thru and is set to open March 3. There's plans for five additional joints in Fairfax and Loudoun Counties but no estimate on their ETA at this time. ETA: March 2013 | Location: Fairfax  

549163_281461951930777_659369576_nPlan B Burger Bar

Based: Connecticut | Joint Type: Full Service Bar & Restaurant | planbburger.com The "B" in Connecticut-based Plan B stands for Beer, Bourbon, Beef and Burgers and it should come as no surprise that we're down with all of the above. Last summer we went on a fact-finding mission to their Simsbury, CT spot to scope out the scene and came across one of the greatest side items ever: cheese and gravy-topped tater tots AKA Disco Tots. A rep for the joint tells us that Plan B is still developing their plans for 2013 and haven't officially nailed down a D.C. location yet. ETA: TBD in 2013 | Location: D.C.  

Multiplying D.C. Burger Joints

The existing D.C.-area joints are expanding their beefy domain in the D.M.V in 2013.

Burger 7

Based: D.C.-area | Joint Type: Fast Casual | Booze: NOPE

When Burger 7 first opened in Falls Church in 2011,  we thought the Elevation Burger-clone was just a one-shot deal. Little did we know, they had much bigger plans. An Arlington joint popped up last November and there are two more locations set to open this year: Alexandria in April and a second Falls Church spot this spring. ETA: Alexandria in April, Falls Church in Spring | Location: Falls Church, Alexandria  

Good Stuff Eatery

Based: D.C.-area | Joint Type: Fast Casual | goodstuffeatery.com


For years, if we wanted to get our Prez Obama burger fix on, we had to make our way to Capitol Hill and brave the shitty parking and crowds to get a piece of Chef Spike's presidential creation. But then last May, Spike brought Good Stuff Eatery across the river to Crystal City and suddenly the sloppy, messy deliciousness became much more accessible. And now, Georgetown is on the verge a Good Stuff injection with a location opening up this Spring. (And Spike isn't stopping there either, he's got plans for a Philly joint too). ETA: Spring 2013 | Location: Georgetown  

krazelogoKraze Burgers

Based: Korea | Joint Type: Fast Casual | www.kraze.us The Korean joint Kraze Burger began their U.S. invasion a little over a year ago, debuting their first-ever location stateside at Bethesda Row in December of 2011 and followed that up with a Landsdowne joint last August. A Tysons Galleria opening was planned for December but delays with Fairfax over their building permit has pushed it back to March. Also coming to the scene in 2013 is a planned spring opening in Barracks Row and summer openings for Germantown and BWI airport. ETA: Tysons: March 2013; Barracks Row: Spring 2013; Germantown: Summer 2013; BWI: Summer 2013 | Location: Tysons, Barracks Row, Germantown, BWI  


Based: Denver Joint | Type: Fast Casual | smashburger.com


Home of the smash-griddled patty, Smashburger opened their first D.M.V. location this past October in Fairfax and founder Tom Ryan says there are plans for another 15-20 in the D.C.-area. Their next joint is set for DuPont Circle and we've also been alerted to plans for a Smashburger in the Downtown Crown development in Gaithersburg. ETA: Mid-to-late 2013  | Location: DuPont, Gaithersburg  

tdbftimgTD Burger Bar

Based: D.C.-area | Joint Type: Fast Casual Top Chef contestant Timothy Dean is already churning out the beef at his TD Burger Bar joint up in Largo, MD but he's got plans for second location for D.C. proper later this year. There's no specific site secured yet, but the City Paper says Dean is looking at the NoMa area and hoping for a Spring opening. ETA: Spring 2013 | Location: NoMa?  

Z Burger

Based: D.C.-area | Joint Type: Fast Casual | zburger.com


Peter Tabibian's D.C. burger joint is slowing, but surely, expanding across the D.M.V. With three four locations in D.C. and two one in Maryland, Tabibian tells us his first Virginia joint is set to open in Arlington's Virginia Square in about a "week and a half." And not only that, he says he's also looking into buying another area burger chain which would bring the number of Z-Burger locations into the double digits. Look out, Five Guys. ETA: March 2013 | Location: Virginia Square, Arlington  
  It's also possible several more joints could be dipping their beefy toes into the D.C. waters this year as well. NYC-based Five Napkin Burger, which got introduced into our faces at last year's SoBe Burger Bash, has been scoping out the District. Five Napkin Senior VP Bill Brayer told us nothing has been secured as of yet, but 2013 is still a possibility depending on availability of suitable real estate and funding. In addition, Mooyah Burger out of Texas wants a piece of the D.M.V. too. Director of Franchise Michael Mabry thinks the area could take on a "handful of Mooyahs" and is currently looking for franchisees as they would love to get in this year. But for those looking for some South American beef-on-a-bun action, don't break out the napkins just yet. While there has been some talk of the Brazilian steak and burger joint Giraffas coming to D.C., a rep for the restaurant tells Burger Days it "won't be before 2014, if it happens at all." As it stands, 2013 has all the makings for one of the D.C.-area's beefiest, greasiest years to date. So let the haters bitch and moan-- we'll be here reveling over the impending infiltration of beefwiches soon to be available for throwing down our throats.  

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