D.C. BRGR Battle is Back with a Pretty Great Lineup of Burgers

10370440_638266412935762_1871233468877023608_nWith a new name, new venue and new lineup of participants, the burger bash formerly known as BRGR Battle is back and the beef starts flying next Saturday. Last year in its debut, the "ground round smackdown" featured five competitors, had one beer supplier and took place in a courtyard in Ballston. This time around it's called the D.C. BRGR Bash and it's an upgrade on all fronts with double the participants, triple the booze options and now it's all going down in the District proper. The most important change is, of course, the lineup. With 10 competitors this year, it's a marked improvement over the bare bones group the battle had in 2013. And these aren't just roster fillers– this is an impressive collection of burger slingers. In addition to Willow Restaurant (last year's winner), Cafe Saint-Ex, Big Buns, Old Ebbit Grill, GUGS, Fainting Goat and Boundary Stone, the battle includes three past Burger Days BOTY winners: 1905, Burger Tap & Shake and Granville Moore's. If that isn't incentive enough to dive mouth-first into this ground beef party, then maybe the booze on tap will help make up your mind. Pints of DC Brau, Atlas Brew Works and New Belgium will be flowing all day long and, take it from us, them shits be tasty. Taking place in Shaw at the Florida Avenue lot that used to house the District Flea, the gates open to the Bash at noon on Saturday, June 19, with the actual burger battling lasting from 12:45 to 5 p.m.  And so you won't have to stand around stuffing your face in awkward silence, live music will be provided by John Bowen, House of Soul and The Original Moonlighters. There are three options for tickets including two pre-selected "Burger Flights" of five burgers for $27 a person and a $47 option that will get two people access to the event along with a burger from all 10 competitors. And boozers can be yours for the guzzling at five bucks a pop. The D.C. Burger Bash goes down Saturday, July 19 from noon until 6 p.m. at 945 Florida Avenue NW in D.C.

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