Corn Dogs Return to Shake Shack for Memorial Day Weekend

memorial-day-2014 It's corn dog season at Shake Shack again with the battered wieners* returning to both D.C. locations for the holiday weekend. This is the first appearance of the year for the Shack special which has popped up in year's past during Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day holiday weekends. The Shack Corn Dog is a Vienna-all beef hot dog dipped in Shack-made corn batter and served with Rick's Picks corn relish for $4.50. Also available through Monday is a special Pecan Pie Oh My Concrete featuring frozen vanilla custard blended with a slice of the Shack's own pecan pie. A single concrete is $4.25 and double is $6.50. The limited-edition corn dogs and concretes are yours for the munching at F Street and DuPont Shake Shacks, Friday, May 23 through Monday, the 26th. Shake Shack | 1216 18th Street NW | 800 F Street NW | DC | *ouch!  

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