Corn Dogs at Shake Shack? Corn Dogs at Shake Shack [And More Memorial Day & Burger Day Deals]


That be a Shack Corn Dog. (Shake Shack photo)

With Memorial Day weekend starting tomorrow and leading directly into National Hamburger Day on Tuesday, there will be plenty of burgers and dogs put down over the next few days.

As a Public Service Announcement looking out for the welfare of bellies everywhere, we'd like you to advise you to "Just Say No to Bubba Burgers." Sadly, this is easier said than done as these frozen, hockey-puck-like beef disks are everywhere this time of the year. Fortunately, for the sake of your taste buds and ours, a few D.C.-area joints are hooking up the goods to assist us getting through the holiday. First up, Red Apron Butcher has put together a limited amount of Memorial Day Summer Burger Series packages for your grill. For 25 bucks, you get 24 oz. of the same beef blend Red Apron uses in their top-notch burgs: a 80/20 mix of coarse-ground brisket, short rib, sirloin and round along with 4 oz. of Righteous Cheese's Pick of the Week, Gordy's pickle chips, a tomato and four of Tiffany MacIsaac's freshly-baked brioche buns. Packages will be available at both Red Apron's Mosaic and Union Market locations, but with limited amounts, they recommend pre-ordering over the phone for pick-up. Putting on our Hot Dog Days hats, we're pretty excited about Shake Shack's Memorial Day specials which include a limited-time pecan pie concrete and --hot damn-- CORN DOGS! From Friday through Monday, they're busting out the fried goodness in DuPont (sorry Nats Park) and serving up the Shack Corn Dog-- a Vienna all-beef hot dog dipped in Shack-made corn batter and served along with Rick's Picks sweet corn relish. And could it get any better than a Shake Shack and Dangerously Delicious Pies combo? Because that's exactly what's happening with the Pecan Pie Oh My concrete which marries the Shack's vanilla custard with a slice of pecan pie from the H Street pie shop. Corn dogs run $4.50 a piece and concretes are $4.25 for a half, $6.50 for a regular. And last up, next Tuesday for National Hamburger Day, Burger Tap & Shake is getting in on the beefy holiday by knocking a dollar off their Six Buck Chucks all day long. PRO TIP: We highly recommend using that extra buck towards purchasing more beer.

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