Capon, 5-Time NYC Burger Bash Champ, Looks for 1st SOBE Title


The coolest trophies ever.

Josh Capon owns the New York City Wine & Food Festival Burger Bash. The man behind restaurants Lure Fishbar and Burger & Barrel, Capon has taken home the coveted People's Choice Award at the NYC version of the burger bonanza five times in its seven year history, including a ridiculous – and current – run of four consecutive titles. But perhaps most amazingly, he's done it all with just one creation: the Bash Burger. Capon's version of a classic bacon onion cheeseburger, the five-title winning formula features caramelized onions, bacon jam, shaved pickles, American cheese and a secret sauce. But while Capon has cleaned up in NYC, he's still looking for his first Miami win. And with four-time SOBE champ and crowd favorite Michael Symon out of the mix this time, this just might be the year he does it. Busy preparing for this weekend's festivities, Burger Days caught up with Capon over e-mail where he told us whose burgers he's looking forward to checking out the most, how he celebrates a Burger Bash title, Shake Shack's plans for world domination (Note: we're perfectly OK with that) and more. Who do you think is your biggest competition in the Bash this year? Everyone! You never know who is gonna bring their "A" game and take home the title! What burgers or chefs are you looking forward to checking out the most? Jose Garces is a badass, Craig Koketsu is always dangerous, Harold Moore is silent but deadly, Ken Oringer is a pro, and of course Shake Shack is lethal - they are taking over the world! What participating chef or restaurant has the biggest home field advantage in Miami? Shake Shack? They are everywhere! How do you prepare for the South Beach Burger Bash? How does it differ from getting ready for the NYC version? I swim five miles in the ocean the day of the event and run 10 miles on the beach. I can't do that in NYC. What came first, the competition Bash Burger or the burger that’s on the menu at B&B and Lure? We came up with the original Bash Burger for the first Burger Bash in NYC that we won. That's why it's called the Bash Burger.
Capon's five-time NYC Burger Bash-winning Bash Burger.

Capon's five-time NYC Burger Bash-winning Bash Burger.

How long did it take you to come up with the Bash Burger? Not that long. I knew I wanted to do a version of a bacon onion cheeseburger. Have you or would you ever consider altering the makeup of the Bash Burger? Why?! If it ain't broke, don't fix it. We noticed four-time SOBE People’s Choice champ Michael Symon isn’t participating this year. Do you think he was intimidated by your five NYC titles? Symon doesn't get intimidated. He is an absolute pro - but yes : ) How do you celebrate after winning a Burger Bash title? I always end up going back to the restaurant and celebrating with the customers and my team in both the front-of-house and back-of-house. Everyone gets a big kick out of it. I love parading through the restaurant with the check and/or trophy. Aside from your own, what’s your favorite burger in Miami? NYC? Shake Shack is always solid and we celebrated our 3-star review from the Miami Herald and our one year anniversary at Lure Miami with Shack Burgers. They even sent gallons of concrete milkshakes on our anniversary, which was very much appreciated.

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