Burgers Days Does Vegas


Well here it is. Today the Burger Days crew takes off for a week in Sin City. Right smack dab in the middle of National Hamburger Week, don't think this is gonna slow down our beef consumption one bit. No sir. Through some serious research and tips from our readers, we've compiled a list of over 20 Vegas burger destinations and will hit up at least one of the joints each day. In addition to transforming the strip into our own personal burger buffet, we will also be consuming mass quantities of beer and 5-hour energy drinks, all the while trying not to go broke or contract any communicable diseases. It will not be an easy task. But have no fear, we will continue to post with photos and updates from our out-of-town burger adventure so be sure and keep it locked here, on Facebook and on Twitter @burgerdays. (Disclaimer: Burger Days makes no guarantees on the quality of said posts and photos, and, while we will do our best to keep typos, grammar mistakes and profanity at a minimum, we can't make any guarantees there either. In the immortal words of Ray Charles Jamie Foxx: blame it on the booze.)

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