Burger Week Comes to Belga Cafe

Burgers from Belgium? We can get jiggy with that. Starting tomorrow, Belga Café, the Belgian joint on Capitol Hill, is kicking off their very own Burger Week and hooking up a special menu of burgers (and "burger" wannabes) for lunch. Seven limited-time options appear on the special menu, and we give props to Belga for getting five of them to meet our strict burger requirements. There's three beef burgs: 1) the Beef Rossini with lettuce, Gruyere, truffle sauce and fried onions, 2) the Bicky with three special sauces, dried onions, tomatoes, salad and pickles and 3) a Grilled Mexi Burger with avocados, onions, lettuce, grilled jalapenos and a fried egg. Two other four-legged animal burgers include the Grilled Lamb burger with watercress salad, goat cheese, pickled red onions and ginger dressing and the Pork burger with bacon (pig on pig-- gotta love that), vegetables Basquaise and onion rings. We'll also reluctantly mention the two bird and fish options that slipped onto the menu: a chicken-mushroom number with bacon, romaine, Parmesan and tomato and an, ugh, grilled salmon "burger" with frisee and arugula seaweed salad (ugh, ugh), Asian dressing and spice tartar sauce. The burgers range in price from $13 to $17 and will be available at lunch tomorrow, Wednesday, February 8, through next Tuesday. Belga Café | 514 8th St SE | DC | belgacafe.com | @BelgaCafe  

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