Burger Days Preps for Burger Week

Yes, all of May is National Hamburger Month but we're focusing extra-special attention on the second week of the month because it is National Hamburger Week. Starting Sunday, we'll be visiting at least one burger joint a day –for seven consecutive days– and posting a quick recap including photos and impressions. While we won't get as in-depth as we normally do, we will be giving you plenty of pics and descriptive goods to satisfy and/or jump-start your burger appetites. As an added bonus, the Burger Days crew will be in Vegas for all but two three days next week so prepare to get your fill of some out-of-town burger action. We've already got a lineup of Sin City burgers on our to-do list but we are happily accepting tips and recommendations too. If you know of a joint that puts out a burger you think we should get our mitts on, send it our way and we'll do our best to hit it up. While we don't expect all of you to follow in our greasy footsteps, we're all for solidarity here at Burger Days so please RSVP to our week-long celebration here.

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