BTS Busts Out Rocky Mountain High BOTM with Hemp Seeds in July [BITE, BITE, GIVE]

It's July and another crop of BOTMs is ripe for the harvest. This month we get basil ketchup, some pesto, a blaze-worthy burger and a goddamn repeat. bbpmulberryburger

Bobby's Burger Palace

Because creativity and variety isn't the Food Network star's strong suit –at least when it comes to BOTMs– the Mulberry Burger returns, once again, to Bobby's Burger Palace. We were underwhelmed when we ate this burger –topped with basil ketchup, mozzarella, arugula and Parmesan– last July and here it is once more, like clockwork.  Awesome. 2121 K Street, NW | DC |  

Burger Tap & Shake

After a BOTM poser last month, the beef returns to BTS in July. That's right, it's a bonafide burger this go 'round at the Foggy Bottom joint as they bust out a char-griddled beef patty with jalapeno cream cheese, a "tumbleweed" of crispy onions and hemp seed pickle relish. It's appropriately named Rocky Mountain High. Just remember: bite bite, give. Don't fuck up the rotation.  2200 Pennsylvania Ave NW | DC |   

Dogwood Tavern

For the second time in three months, Dogwood is going Italian with their BOTM. It was the Caprese in May and now it's the Pesto Burger in July. The beef gets topped with roasted red pepper, pesto and goat cheese on toasted ciabatta. Grazie ragazzi. 132 West Broad Street | Falls Church |   

Two months in a row gets two thumbs down.

BGR The Burger Joint

Ugh. Now this is a disappointment. You know BGR's June BOTM? The Pulled BBQ Burger? It's sticking around for another month. Sure, we liked the thing last time but this repeat shit is just lazy. 9 Locations in D.C., Maryland and Virginia |

  (We're always on the lookout for BOTMs. If you know of another D.C.-area joint that hooks up a monthly special burger, email us and let us know.)

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