BRB Burger Out at The Yards Near Nats Park

Don't go looking for a burg when the Boilermaker Shops open up at The Yards later this year-- brb burger is no longer coming to the new development near Nats Park. JDLand has the word that brb and Austin Grill Express, both Thompson Hospitality restaurants, no longer have leases at the development. We originally reported the Reston Town Center burger joint was doubling up its locations --from 1 to 2-- by expanding to the new mixed-use space last June. As for how the year-old brb burger joint is doing at the moment, well, we're not really sure. We're still waiting on word of a menu overhaul after the brb team invited us in for a taste test all the way back in January. They originally said they were looking to debut the new burgers in "the next month" but now, over five months later, we're still waiting on them to pop up on the menu. That, combined with this latest development, leaves us thinking the state of brb is not in the tip-toppest of forms. We have an email in to Thompson Hospitality and we'll let you know what we hear back. Be Right Burger | Reston Town Center | 1820 Discovery Street | Reston | | @eatbrb
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