Boulud Wants to Create Burger with ‘DNA of D.C.’

DBGB_logoSQUARE2013-255x237The Post's Tim Carman has a cool feature on Daniel Boulud today, in advance of the French chef's DBGB Kitchen and Bar coming to CityCenter later this September. The piece focuses mainly on a dinner he arranged with a flock of D.C. chefs as well as his upcoming plans for the District. However, the biggest pull of the article is this: "Boulud, the guy who practically invented the chef-driven hamburger with his DB Burger (stuffed with braised short ribs and foie gras), said he plans a special patty for the new place. “I want to create a burger for D.C.,” he said, “something with some DNA of D.C. So that’s coming up.” Oh, hell yes. Hear that Flay? Finally, somebody gets it. For years, Mr. Celebri-Chef had a chance to be the first to come up with a distinctly D.C. burger, but sadly, the throw-downing TV star just couldn't find the time. But if Boulud's District burger is anything like his NYC one, it'll be worth the wait. Sorry, Bobby– you snooze, you lose.

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