If You Like Sriracha, You’ll Probably Like April’s BOTMs

Our first-ever sequel burger hits the scene this month, a burger gets the hot dog treatment and there must have been a sale on Sriracha because three out of five burgers feature the Thai chili sauce all up in the mix. Check out all of April's BOTMs below:

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Where else can you surf-and-turf it for just 13 bucks? (Photo: Dogwood Tavern)

Dogwood Tavern

Dogwood Tavern is upping its BOTM game with the Surf & Turf burger this month featuring not crab, not shrimp but fancy, schmancy lobster chillin' on the beef. The April BOTM tops a half-pound beef patty with a flash-fried lobster cake, bacon, avocado and Sriracha aioli. We'll bite. 132 West Broad Street | Falls Church | dogwoodtavern.com   
BOTM: The Sequel. (Photo: BTS)

BOTM: The Sequel. (Photo: BTS)

Burger Tap & Shake

Taking a page out of Hollywood's playbook, BTS debuts the first-ever sequel BOTM we've come across. The meaty movie tie-in, the My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 burger – lamb patty, cucumber-tomato-Kalamata olive relish, feta and rosemary aioli – is the follow-up to the joint's original My Big Fat Greek Wedding BOTM (feta-stuffed lamb patty with onions, Kalamata olives and tzatziki – from last year . So it's pretty much the same thing, only different...kinda like Hangover and Hangover 2. 2200 Pennsylvania Ave NW | 4445 Wisconsin Avenue NW | DC | burgertapandshake.com

 bbpchicagobotmBobby's Burger Palace

The Burger Palace is back on its cycle as the joint's regular April BOTM returns to the scene. The Chicago burger is a play on a Windy City-style hot dog with American cheese, sweet relish, banana peppers, onion, tomato, pickle and celery salt. [Burger Days Review, May 2014] 2121 K Street, NW | DC | bobbysburgerpalace.com  

No beef. No bacon. Just bird. (Photo: Social Burger)

Social Burger

Social Burger's April burger is veritable diet food compared to last month's but we suppose that's probably because the Vienna joint is trying to make amends after annihilating our insides with its gut bomb of a BOTM in March. And since the Chicken Teriyaki Burger with a bird patty, grilled teriyaki pineapple, cilantro jicama slathered with honey Sriracha sauce or miso mayo sounds pretty good – and easier on our stomachs – we'll allow it. 350 Maple Avenue West | Vienna | mysocialburger.com   bgrkoreanbbq

BGR The Burger Joint

It's Korean BBQ month at BGR with kimchi, cilantro and Sriracha on top of the meat with a layer of Korean BBQ sauce underneath. Of note, this is the third burger this month featuring Sriracha. What does that mean? We haven't a clue. [Burger Days Review, April 2014] 12 Locations in D.C., Maryland and Virginia | bgrtheburgerjoint.com   (We're always on the lookout for BOTMs. If you know of another D.C.-area joint that hooks up a monthly special burger, email us and let us know.)

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