BOOZER DAYS: Rogue’s Hazelnut Brown Nectar

Because we love beer almost as much as we love burgers, we thought we might as well spit some words on the brews. Each week (or as close as we can get), we lock two beer aficionados, simply known as Doc and El Borracho, in a room with a notepad, pencil and a stockpile of beer. Whatever we can decipher from their alcoholic scribbles we bring to you with Boozer Days.
Doc: Despite his nickname, Doc is, in fact, not a doctor of any kind. Rather, Doc acquired his handle from El Borracho for his ability to read above a fifth-grade level -- a skill that warrants an advanced degree in the eyes of El Borracho. Intellectually (and, occasionally, physically) aroused by the bounty of our beer-filled world, Doc is always eager to sample pints from around the globe and learn the stories behind them. Happily married, Doc has often joked that he'd leave his wife for a proper pint. His wife has yet to find this amusing. El Borracho: A patron of 90 percent of the nation's bars during his 45 years, El Borracho's knowledge of beer is surpassed by only a select few. How he has accrued that knowledge has not always been a savory process. As a result, several outstanding warrants have prompted El Borracho to sport his trademark Luchador mask whenever he appears in public -- earning him the rapt attention of both Mexican wrestling fans and fetishists. Single -- and most likely permanently so -- El Borracho is the (sometimes) proud father of seven children in eight states. (It's complicated.) El Borracho's connection to Doc is something of a mystery, but many suspect the involvement compromising photos.

This Week's Beer: Hazelnut Brown Nectar by Rogue Ales

(Newport, Oregon) Type: American Brown Ale | Alcohol: 6.2% | They say you can never get too much of a good thing, but Doc and El Borracho may beg to differ after sampling Rogue’s super sweet Hazelnut Brown Nectar.


Doc: There are beers that sneak up on you with their subtle flavors and aromas … El Borracho: And there are those that plow you upside the head like a pimp who’s five dollars short. Doc: Rogue’s Hazelnut Brown Nectar definitely falls under the latter category, as the strong nutty fragrance wallops your senses as soon as you pour it from the bottle. El Borracho: I can see how this could create some mixed opinions among drinkers. I compare it to some Jersey Shore-living fool who thinks he needs to shower in cologne in order to stand out. On one, hand I bet there are dudes out there who will take a whiff and shake their heads at that douche bag. But I bet there are plenty of ladies who can’t wait to get a taste. Doc: I don't see it in quite that light. In fact, I kind of like the bold Hazelnut scent. It's definitely strong, and probably better in small doses. But aren't all of the best things in life? El Borracho: No. No they are not.  


El Borracho: Like all Rogue big bottle beers, Hazelnut Brown Nectar features a creative little portrait on the front. This one depicts home brewer Chris Studach, who inspired this brew. His reward is packaging immortality. Doc: And I suspect there are plenty out there who pour out a nice, creamy, deep brown glass of Nectar and hoist it to his visage prior to their first sip. This recipe definitely puts the "stud" in Studach. El Borracho: There's certainly a handful of experts who agree with that. Also on the bottle is a label denoting the World Beer Championships gold medal won in 2010. It also took home the silver in 2011, the same year it took home the gold at the Great American Beer Festival.  


Doc: I almost feel like we're doing this beer a disservice by describing the taste, because I'm not sure there are words out there that combine the robustness of this flavor with its complexity. El Borracho: I liken it to a Yale-educated lumberjack, with an appreciation for Fellini films and gourmet waffles.


Doc: Oh, I see what you're doing. You're saying it's got a little bit of everything ... but what's up with the waffles? El Borracho: I just think it would go well with waffles. I'm kinda hungry. Doc: The down side of the Nectar is that the hazelnut flavor definitely wears on you after a while. It's not the same kind of sweetness as a lambic, so it's a little more endurable. But over the course of a big bottle it'll definitely get to you. I recommend small doses.  


El Borracho: It definitely starts out great and you appreciate the big taste. but after a while it wears on you like a clingy girlfriend and you're like, woah, Hazelnut Nectar, where are you going with that drawer full of clothes? I needs my space. Doc: Still, a mug of this stuff with dinner or a nice tulip glass for dessert to wash everything down is a nice treat. I'd definitely invest in a bottle every once in a while. Particularly to share with the women folk.  

Suitable For …

Pairing with salty fries/chips Sharing with your lady friend Dessert beer ... and may be good with waffles  

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