BOOZER DAYS: Jolly Pumpkin’s iO Saison

Because we love beer almost as much as we love burgers, we thought we might as well spit some words on the brews. Each week (or as close as we can get), we lock two beer aficionados, simply known as Doc and El Borracho, in a room with a notepad, pencil and a stockpile of beer. Whatever we can decipher from their alcoholic scribbles we bring to you with  Boozer Days.
Doc: Despite his nickname, Doc is, in fact, not a doctor of any kind. Rather, Doc acquired his handle from El Borracho for his ability to read above a fifth-grade level -- a skill that warrants an advanced degree in the eyes of El Borracho. Intellectually (and, occasionally, physically) aroused by the bounty of our beer-filled world, Doc is always eager to sample pints from around the globe and learn the stories behind them. Happily married, Doc has often joked that he'd leave his wife for a proper pint. His wife has yet to find this amusing. El Borracho: A patron of 90 percent of the nation's bars during his 45 years, El Borracho's knowledge of beer is surpassed by only a select few. How he has accrued that knowledge has not always been a savory process. As a result, several outstanding warrants have prompted El Borracho to sport his trademark Luchador mask whenever he appears in public -- earning him the rapt attention of both Mexican wrestling fans and fetishists. Single -- and most likely permanently so -- El Borracho is the (sometimes) proud father of seven children in eight states. (It's complicated.) El Borracho's connection to Doc is something of a mystery, but many suspect the involvement compromising photos.

This Week's Beer: Baudelaire iO Saison by Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales

(Dexter, Michigan) Type: Saison | Alcohol: 6.8% | Some beers are for pounding. Some or for sipping. Others, well, let's just say Indiana Jones knows the right place  for Baudelaire's iO Saison. Doc and El Borracho do some digging on a Jolly Pumpkin's artisinal artifact.


Doc: Rose hips. Rose petals. Hibiscus. El Borracho: Preparing for another day at the spa? Doc: Actually I'm listing a few of the added ingredients to Jolly Pumpkin's Baudelaire iO Saison, a limited release from the Dexter, Michigan Brewery. And if you can set aside the fact that its fragrant additives seem better suited for an aromatic bath than a brew, you're in for a treat. El Borracho: Just be sure to keep your pinky tucked in before you take your first sip.  


We like all our flappers haunted.

Doc: Seemingly all of Jolly Pumpkin's labels show off some interesting artistry, but the "haunted flapper" that decorates the bottle is a pretty perfect mascot for the brew. There's something delicate inside, but very alluring, with a bit of a dark side as well. El Borracho: The beer gets its name from French poet Charles Pierre Baudelaire, who once wrote the fitting line: "A breath of fresh air, from the wings of madness," an apt description of this experimental, limited edition creation. Doc: How do you possibly know quotes from Baudelaire? El Borracho: I found it where I do all of my favorite reading -- the back of the bottle. Doc: The beer pours a darker color than you'd expect for something that flaunts floral ingredients, which took me a little by surprise. The head is nice and frothy and with 1 pint, 9.4 fluid ounces per bottle, there's enough to share with your favorite muse. El Borracho: Au contraire, Doc. Beer is my favorite muse.  


Doc: As the color hints, the beer is heavier than you'd guess, which helped overcome my fears that two dudes with a beer blog would be outside the target demographic for iO. El Borracho: And hey, just because I've spent more nights than I care to remember shacked up in a box car fighting off territorial hobos, that doesn't mean I don't have a lighter side. iO spoke to that part of me. Doc: The thing that I liked was the surprising taste. When breweries try to dress up their beers with flowers or fruit the results can sometimes be too overwhelming and it feels like you're drinking perfume or mulled cider instead of beer. El Borracho: The balance here is excellent with the special ingredients giving you a nice little kick, but not a donkey punch. Doc: What do you know about donkey punches? El Borracho: Don't ask.

Bring the loot-- this shit ain't cheap.



Doc: Let me start by saying this -- if you enjoy iO Saison as much as we did, you should probably look into options for a second mortgage now.El Borracho: It carries a $17.99 price tag, so you may want to refrain from making this a regular part of your rotation. Doc: That said, for a once-in-a-lifetime thrill, it's more than worth the splurge. It's impossible for me to advocate for it too hard over the long haul though, given the cost. For me, this is a beer best admired from afar. El Borracho: Well said. This is a brew that belongs in a museum, but my advice to you is to hit it then quit it.  

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