Bobby’s Burger Palace D.C. Opening Pushed Back to August


The burger got "crunchified."

THE LATEST: Bobby's Burger Palace is now open! Get the scoop here. UPDATE 2: Flay tweeted last night (Aug 2.) that his Burger Palace is opening August 16 in D.C. Peep the deets here. UPDATE: A BBP spokesperson reaffirmed to us today, July 27, that Bobby's Burger Palace is still on pace for mid-August opening. We're waiting Flay........ After an initial opening date set for May, the opening for D.C.'s first burger joint from Food Network superstar Bobby Flay has been pushed back to August. A rep from Bullfrog & Baum confirmed to Burger Days that Bobby's Burger Palace (damn, that's a lotta B's) is targeting an August date for the opening of its location at 2121 K Street in the District. They had previously told us they were shooting for a May/June opening. We've yet to sample the goods from BBP, but we're looking forward to getting a taste once it opens in few months. One of the key features (gimmicks?) of Flay's spot is the option to add a handful of potato chips, or "crunchify," any burger on their menu for free. Bobby's Burger Palace currently has five locations on the East Coast with joints in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.  

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