BEEF BRIEF: Elevation’s Vertigo Burger

During our day-to-day adventures, we plow through so many burgs and we fail to share a lot of them here at Burger Days. We think that's just wrong. So in an effort to spread more beefy goodness, we introduce Beef Briefs, short, brief looks at more of the burgers we take to the face. Where's the beef? It's right f**king here.      The Vertigo Burger. It might be the one redeeming quality of Elevation Burger. No, not for flavor or taste but for the ability to load the thing up with 10 patties. The one above is only a six-pattied, almost one-and-a-quarter pound, Vertigo Burger but anything bigger is just plain absurd. In fact, this thing is too damn big. We had to split the patties up just to fit it into our faces and even then we were on the verge of jaw dislocation. But, trust us, you don't want leftover patties at Elevation. Without the bun and toppings masking the beef, the only thing left is a wad of near-flavorless meat. It's pretty unbelievable how bland these burgers are on their own. Little-to-no seasoning makes for a boring, boring burger. Elevation's soft, squishy buns are good, but when your beef-to-bun ratio is so meat heavy, ain't no amount of bread gonna cover it up. And besides, isn't the beef supposed to be the star of the show? (Interestingly enough, despite the lack-of flavor, the damn meat stink does NOT go away. Eight hours and five vigorous handwashings later and our hands were still smellin' like cow.) Despite our continued underwhelming and disappointing visits to Elevation Burger, the joint continues to pack its stores and garner accolades (it was just named Best Burger in Falls Church for the third consecutive year). And since opening in Falls Church in 2005, there are now 26 Elevation Burgers in the U.S. and an additional three in the Middle East. There's obviously a lot of demand for them, but with Shake Shack, Five Guys and Z-Burger all putting out similar-styled but far superior burgers in the area, we just don't get it. Elevation Burger | 11 locations in Virginia and | @eat_elevation

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