Another New Burger Joint in the D.M.V.? You Bet Your Ass [Mo’ Burgers]

OK, so best news of the week so far is that Denver-based burger joint Smashburger has finally landed in the D.M.V. and will open its doors in Fairfax early next month. The eagle eyes at Eater DC first reported the upcoming location on Fairfax Boulevard after spotting an ad on craigslist last week. Another spot in the mold of the not-in-the-slightest-overused-term "better burger" restaurant, the aptly named fast-food style burger slinger gets its name from the cooking technique where the meat is smashed flat on the griddle, creating a seared, crust layer on the patty while keeping in the juicy, greasy goodness. It's the same style Shake Shake applies to their burgers, so suffice it to say, they're some fucking legit, tasty patties of beef. And if that wasn't enough, the folks over at Smashburger definitely have their shit in check, because they're coming CORRECT to the D.M.V. with a goddamn D.C. burger. Yeah. Believe that. You taking notes Mr. Food Network? The Capital Burger, per Smashburger press release, was "created exclusively for the D.C. area"  and comes with grilled onions, aged Swiss, baby arugula, Applewood smoked  bacon, tomatoes and mayo.  (To be honest, we don't have the slightest idea what makes the burger so District-centric, but we're certainly not complaining.) With over 168 locations nationwide, Fairfax is just the first D.C.-area location planned for Smashburger. There's plans to open several more in the area over the next three years and, according to the release, they're on target to have over 500 stores around the country in the next few years. Smashburger | 10160 Fairfax Boulevard | Fairfax | | @smashburger  

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