Anda Goes Big – REAL BIG – With B Side’s Al Pastor Burger

bsidealpastor3 bsidealpastordetailsFirst things first – this is not a conventional burger. For National Hamburger Week, Red Apron chef Nathan Anda went outside of the box and down the street a block or two when he created the B Side special. Resembling a taco inside a bun, the Al Pastor starts with Anda's fantastic Red Apron burger mix, only instead of the normal-sized patty, this one is a full seven inches across and weighs in at a whopping 12 ounces – almost three times the size of the Original. The burger is so big, in order to make the patties, Anda used the same casing he's using to make lamb doner for the ABV libation fest this weekend. Folded in half – because that's the only way to fit the Frisbee-sized patty into the baguette – it's coated in creamy, melted Fontina and topped with rajas (made with caramelized poblano peppers, onions, chipotle chiles, garlic and vinegar) and shaved cabbage. Last but not least, the toasted baguette is slathered in a smoked pineapple aioli. Add all that up and this thing is pushing close to a full pound. Now, we're not known to flinch at the size of a burger but DAMN. The Al Pastor Burger is scheduled to run the entirety of the week at B Side, but only while supplies last. So, if you're feening for a days worth of beef in one sitting (and, really, who isn't?), you best grab it while you can. B Side | 6298 Glass Alley | Fairfax |


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