Allen Bros. Kicks Off Burger of the Month Club


Bun and toppings not included. Photo: Allen Bros.

Because sometimes we just want to eat burgers in our drawers, Allen Bros. now gives us a way to get our beefy fix without having to put on any pants. Kicking off this month, the Chicago steak company is introducing a Burger of the Month Club hooking up 6- and 12-month subscriptions delivering eight individually wrapped burgers to your door every month or two. They already have the monthly burger schedule set and it features a variety of meat patties including a beef, pork and veal mash-up, a short rib, brisket and chuck blend, Wagyu, bison, elk, pork, several beef-only options and more. The 6-month sub is available in two delivery schedules of odd and even months. We're digging the beef-filled odd months but those looking for less cow should go for the even plan as it hooks up turkey, elk and lamb burgs. Getting all this meat to the doorstep doesn't come cheap. The 6-month package runs $370 and a full-year plan is $700. All that averages out to over $7 a burger for both plans so you're not saving much, if anything, over just hitting up an area joint. Plus you still gotta add a bun, toppings and cook the damn thing. Having said that, we're not turning Allen Bros. away at the door. We wouldn't mind getting a BOTM sub for Christmas, birthday or, hell, a regular old Tuesday. Whatever the occasion, we're not picky.

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