After a Luther No-Show, We Get Frenched


This ain't no Yank's burger.

We headed out yesterday on mission for Luthers at the Arlington County Fair, but were thwarted in our attempt to get our Krispy Kreme on by the simple fact that there were no Luthers to be had. False advertising Cherokee Cuisine-- you just made our blacklist. After trooping through the fairgrounds and inhaling more than our fair share of deep-fried goodness, we had a conundrum: fill our faces with the sweet smelling food that surrounded us or satisfy our still-unscratched burger itch by hitting up a nearby joint. Of course, we chose the latter. (But it was damn hard passing up some of that greasy fair shit) Plan B took us to brgr:shack in Ballston for a shot at their August Burger of the Month. We've had nothing but solid experiences at brgr and Saturday's visit was no exception. (The only gripe we've had in the past is that during peak hours, the wait for grub can be long. However, this go round, the place was close to empty, so we got our orders with the quickness.) Going all European on us, brgr went French with an Italian twist for their August burg, The Frenchy. We got hooked up with one of their excellent, salt-and-peppered-seasoned grass-fed beef patties topped with a medium-thick slice of prosciutto, melted Gruyere and a slathering of their Dijon-mayo. The salty, chewy prosciutto melded well with both the burger and the cheese though the spread was a wee too heavy on the mayo side. It wasn't a burger deal breaker, though we would have preferred just a bit more mustardy-flavor. Easily overlooked, the buns they serve up are top-notch and some of the best we've had in the whole D.C.-area. We went with the white, but you can't go wrong with the wheat or pumpernickel (if you're into that sort of thing.) They do a burger proud. All together, the burger was really, really good and we were reminded once again of the quality goods they crank out at brgr. A pleasant surprise on this latest trip was the option to get our burger cooked rare. On previous visits we were told medium-rare was the lowest they'd go, but it seems as if they've switched it up. Good move. The Frenchy is available through August at brgr:shack at 4215 N. Fairfax Drive in Arlington. (For you foursquarers our there, for a limited time, check-in at brgr before you place your order and get hooked up with one of their $7 burgers for just four bucks. It's a great deal. Looks like the deal is done. Also, follow Burger Days on foursquare and get tips when you're out and about hunting for burgs.)

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