National Burger Week came and went –as did any hopes of fitting into our Speedos by Memorial Day– after we downed seven burgers in seven days during our annual celebration of the beef. We hit up a varied bunch of joints during last week's romp ranging from regular Burger Days haunts to a brand-new spot we had yet to visit. Our burgering started out slow and steady, gradually building to a three-burger-day climax on Friday before we let off the gas for the weekend and cruised to the finish line with some lightweights. A day-by-day recap of our observance of National Hamburger Week 2014 is below:

Day 1: Kraze Burgers

krazeHWcheeseburger The week began with a visit to one of D.C.'s rapidly-disappearing burger franchises, Kraze Burger. We went simple with a classic cheeseburger and, for the most part, were pleased with the result. If the bun had been better, the burger would have been stellar. Instead, it was only pretty good. Read more on our experience with our Day 1 burger here.  

Day 2: Ray's to the Third

newjackzynggusher3 For the first time ever, we experienced a "gusher" at Ray's. Flippin' the greasy script and putting the cheese inside the meat, gushers are Ray's version of a Juicy Lucy, only these are made with the greatness that is a Hell Burger. Depending on how you like your beef done, the cheese may not be completely melted or “gushing” but, shit, if this ain’t a most-wonderful way of ordering a burger. Gushers, go get one.  

Day 3: Mad Fox Brewing Company

madfoxbaconjam On Day 3, we hit up Mad Fox for the Falls Church brew pub's Epic Burger Wednesday only to be told that Epic Burger Wednesday was no more. Since our dreams of meat-on-meat topped with fried stuff dripping in aioli were dashed, we settled for the Bacon Jam Burger. Thankfully, it was quite tasty. We're still pissed about Epic Burger Wednesday, though.  

Day 4: Heavy Seas Alehouse

heavyseastortuga Anytime the word “fried” gets mentioned along with a burger, our ears perk up. So when we got word there was a burger topped with a hunk of fried avocado, we just had to have it inside of us.  Off we went to Heavy Seas Alehouse in Rosslyn for the Tortuga.  

Day 5: Ted's Bulletin

tedsburgerweek And this is when things got all sorts of crazy. Travis Weiss, chef at Ted's Bulletin Capitol Hill, hooked up this stack of sin in recognition of Burger Week last Friday. The hallmark of the burger was a Cabernet onion jam, a deliciously sweet amalgamation of goodness, joined by white American cheese, bacon, BACON FAT MAYO, a perfectly runny poached egg, lettuce and tomato. Weiss calls it the Alberta Love Triangle. We call it our favorite burger of the week. (What you won't read in the post is the fact this was burger number two in a three-burger day. At lunch, we downed the amazingly decadent Daffy at 2941 and we threw back a Shake Shack nightcap at Nats Park later that evening.)  

Days 6 & 7: DC Sliders Truck & Wendy's

sliderandfries It was a whirlwind weekend for the Crew and, instead of sitting down and enjoying our burgers like proper gentlemen, we had to grab our meat on the run. On Saturday, we opted for a pair of mini-burgers from D.C. Sliders Truck and on Sunday, we went drive-thru at Wendy's with the Baconator. It wasn't our ideal way of closing out the week, but hey, burgers is burgers. wendysbaconator

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