Shake Shack Busts Out the Fried Chicken in D.C. Starting TODAY

Fried chicken? Shake Shack? Hell yes. (Photo: Shake Shack)

Fried chicken? Shake Shack? Hell yes. (Photo: Shake Shack)

Move over beef, the bird is coming to D.C. Shake Shacks. The burger joint's take on a chicken sandwich, which debuted at its Brooklyn locale last summer, is finally coming to the D.C. area as the Chick'n Shack launches today at all Shake Shacks across the country. Because we can't subsist on beef alone (can we?), the newest sandwich at the Shack hooks up a buttermilk-marinated, seasoned-floured and deep-fried, cage-free chicken breast topped with pickles, shredded lettuce and a buttermilk herb mayo made with chives, parsley and thyme, served on a Martin's potato roll. In addition, there will be Louisiana hot sauce on hand to kick it up a notch if that's your thing. Do we see a monster combo of a Shack Stack topped with a Chick'n Shack in our future? Yes, we most certainly do. The Chick'n Shack will be available, starting at 11 a.m., at all D.C.-area Shake Shacks (excluding Nats Park, or course). Shake Shack | 1216 18th Street NW | 800 F Street NW | 50 Massachusetts Avenue NE | DC | 7924U Tysons Corner Center | McLean |

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