3-Month Countdown to NYC Burger Bash Begins Today

burgerbashmenu Maximizing burger intake while minimizing energy expenditure is the primary goal during our day-to-day adventures, so events like this weekend's BRGR Bash are always top on our to-do list. And while we hope the D.C. burger battle becomes the preeminent gala of gluttony on our schedule each year, right now it's still #3 behind the SoBe and NYC WFF Burger Bashes. Today marks the three-month countdown to the NYC bash and, like every year, the thing is going to sell out. So, if a three-hour party filled with endless amounts of booze and burgers is your thing (and, why the hell would it not be?), then you best snatch a pass up quick. This year's beefy bonanza, officially the Blue Moon Burger Bash, features 28 participants including D.C.'s own Chef Spike Mendelsohn reppin' Good Stuff along with reigning SoBe judge's champ Shake Shack. Tickets ain't cheap –they'll set you back $225 a pop– but that breaks down to only $1.25 a minute at a veritable all-you-can-eat-and-drink buffet featuring the two best foods in the world: burgers and beer. So, really, it's a bargain.

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